Transforming dementia communication to transform care

We believe that all good care means good communication

Evidence shows that the four essential aspects of caring for older people with dementia are Reminiscence, Empathic Engagement and Active Listening.


We call this REAL Communication  ​



Making it REAL


Reflecting on where we’ve come from and sharing our different experiences helps us to understand each other now.

Empathic  engagement

Feeling connection, understanding, kindness and compassion promotes more social behaviours

Active Listening

Life is better for all of us when

we really hear and respond to each other

Life story

Our life experiences have shaped

and influenced who we are today.

In sharing them, we learn about ourselves through the process, so it’s good for us all!

"I wanted my staff to realise how important meaningful conversation and listening is, especially for person-centred and relationship-centred care. The workshops have provided a really helpful springboard to improving their standards and we are already seeing the results."

Barchester Healthcare care home Manager

Evidence shows that people learn best by doing, so our workshops are fun and highly interactive                             

Experiential  engagement, evidence and expertise are at the heart of our workshops, ensuring maximum 'user-centric' learning and understanding. We use a range of exercise triggers, including Many Happy Returns Chatterbox cards. Simple, easy to use tools help participants take their learning back into the workplace.

Our clients include these great organisations

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