Making high-quality NHS Visors from a small hamlet in Powys

My son-in-law to be, James Dent, founder of Hossa Design, is an exceptional product designer and maker. Earlier in April, he turned his attention away from designing jigs and other high-end high-quality cycling products for the mountain bike industry, to designing, laser-cutting and assembling visors by hand for the local NHS from his workshop in Machynlleth, Wales.

He says, “When we saw that Kitronik had made an Open Source face shield design, we got involved with making PPE for the NHS and other frontline staff . Their design is simple and uses little of the polypropylene material which is running low because of high demand. The blue parts are laser-cut polypropylene and make up an adjustable headband. The screen is clear binding sheet; a common off-the-shelf office product.”

So far, he’s made over 150 visors and the feedback from NHS staff is really positive, with users saying that they are both effective and provide comforting PPE protection. 


You can find out more about james over at > Hossa Design. 

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