People say nice things




"The workshops were full of wisdom and have given me skills for all of my life that I never had before – and no one can ever take that away"

Senior nurse


"I feel that I have a deeper understanging of what it feels like to have dementia now and can give people better care as a result"

Care assistant


"I have found that I listen more intently to what people are saying now – so often, conversations are 'lightweight'... the workshops have helped me to get to know the people I care for and work better with, now"

Senior carer


"The workshop was very informative but also fun. I enjoyed the exercises and games and the way they brought the theories to life. Everything we did made sense and made me see my job in a different and more interesting light."

Care assistant


"Thank you for a great workshop. I'm going to talk to my staff – and my husband differently from now on!"




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